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Hundreds of new jobs coming to Bonneville County

Huge news out of Bonneville County yesterday and jobs were the main focus. Two new manufacturing facilities are soon to beĀ built bringing hundreds of new manufacturing jobs.

The Ucon city council approved Cives Steel’s request to rezone land which now allows Cives to build their new facility on their 28 acre site. Cives has previously announced that this facility should bring up to 150 new jobs.

Melaleuca also announced their plans to build a new manufacturing facility south of Idaho Falls just off of Exit 113. After being granted their patent for Oligo, plans were put in place to build a new manufacturing and distribution facility expected to employ up to 150.




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Idaho Falls Q2 update.

It’s a little bit after the start of Q2 and closer to the start of Q3, (I know I missed it big time) however I realized I’m due for a recap of projects that have started or have been announced just recently. Without further ado, here is the recap.

Marriott Residence Inn: Finally after three years of sitting vacant, the mighty Marriott is close to completion.

INL Idaho Falls Campus: With one building wrapping up construction, just across the street on University Boulevard, the steel is being set for another.

Pancheri Overpass: Steel girders are being placed and the roadway leading up to it on the west side is getting closer to being paved.

Melaleuca Project: No details yet, however work has begun on the site and an expansion of 65th South and the sanitary sewer line will begin shortly. Not sure what the entire project will entail, yet Frank Vandersloot gave hints that this will turn into a place for more than Melaleuca to set up shop.

Loves Travel Stop: No official announcement has been given from the company yet. Site work has begun, permits filed, and job openings are online if you’re interested.

CivesĀ Steel: A newly announced project that will be built just south of Ucon. Expected to be built quickly and may end up offering up to 150 jobs when all is said and done.

Memorial Drive reconstruction: Another project that has high hopes to speed up revitalization of the downtown area, when completed, will feature a splash fountain, an amphitheatre and a walking bridge across the falls.

Considering what the past few years have lacked for projects and job prospects, it is great news to see projects and investments such as these.





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