Project List

A list of upcoming projects for the winter and spring.

Maverick Stores: Lewisville Hwy and Iona Road

Carl’s Jr.: Northgate Mile and Yellowstone

Carls Jr.: 17th Street in front of the Grand Teton Mall

Memorial Drive Reconstruction: Downtown Idaho Falls

Areva Uranium Enrichment Plant: 18 miles west of Idaho Falls

Pancheri Drive Overpass: South Idaho Falls over Interstate 15

Idaho Falls Events Center: Snake River Landing (Depending on available funding)

D L Evans Banks: Pancheri Road and Utah Avenue (The sign is still up so it still might happen)

INL Systems Laboratory: North Idaho Falls (92,000 sq. ft.)

INL Education and Research Laboratory: North Idaho Falls (148,000 sq. ft.)

Idahoan Foods Corporate Headquarters: Downtown Idaho Falls

Marriott Residence Inn: Downtown Idaho Falls

I will add more as they become available or I remember them. There are a lot of construction jobs waiting in the wings. Great news for the area!


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  1. #1 by Clayton Burton on December 12, 2011 - 7:32 pm

    To anyone that may know,
    I’m trying to locate where I would leave an application, or a number to fax or call, many thanks.

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